Waboba Ball Bounces on Water

There's a fairly new invention called the Waboba Ball, and it looks awesome.

The original article can be found here:


And these are the lyrics:

i don't know what they eatin' over there in Sweden
but my props is what this Swedish dude's receiving
don't know how to say it but his name's von Heland
and his invention totally rocks like Van Halen

the era of the beach ball is probably over
cuz there's a brand new ball in the park: Waboba
boom that's the name i ain't even ashamed
to say it's pretty damn hot and i want it today
so what's it do? it feels good when you squeeze it
and bounces on top of the water like Jesus
that's what's you'll be saying the first time you see it
and the first time a joker decides to freeze it

"but wait! Jesus didn't bounce! he was a walker"
"if he had this ball, he'd be playing water soccer"
not to mention it could change games like polo
pairing em up like chewie and han solo
does it really work? i ain't tried it out
but i want one so bad ima scream and shout
it's already a hit in the land down under
why do you think? Santa comes in the summer
next is the UK, orders coming everyday
and i know the States'll be down to play

The mp3 can be downloaded here:


  1. this is honestly one of the funniest things I have seen on the internet in a long while. I love waboba, for you to do a rap about it, made my day. You are a star mate. keep it up

  2. Thanks for the support! I hope to get back into making rap videos very soon.