Counterfeit Bills given by bank in Florida?

My first story comes from the following page, detailing the peril of a Florida resident named Ulises Garcia who was supposedly given counterfeit bills from Wachovia Bank:


The podcast for this blog is nearly essential for enjoyment:

lyrics should be included in the id3, but just in case:

"down in florida the land of the bayou
you need to rethink what a benjamin'll buy you
a bank called Wachovia in the center of the state
is suspected of dispersing real bills with fakes
this dude named Garcia was just paying his bills
when the Bank of America said "are you for real?
do you expect us to transfer this shit?"
10 of these 36 bills are counterfeit!"
Garcia and his fiance need the money
'cause in a while she will become his honey bunny
they need the moolah so they can plan a wedding
but a Wachovia refund they're not getting
'cause they can't prove with undebateable truth
that the teller from Wachovia slipped em the dupes
Garcia called the local news, cops, and feds
hoping that his trusted bank will give him real bread
who's the right one here who's in the wrong?
i don't really care i just finished the song"

if you'd like the mp3, you can find it here:

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