Soy Foods Reduce Sperm Numbers?

A study suggests that eating soy even in moderate amounts may lead to reduced numbers of sperm.

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And these are the lyrics:

i thought i was a good boy eating all my SoyJoy bars
it might be good for my heart but not for other parts
for example the vicinity below my waist
kids i could potentially have might be gettin erased
'cause soy chemicals may affect the genitals
lowering your sperm count by a few decimals
the Harvard School of Public Health tested 99 men
the ones who ate more soy had fewer boys in their gems
i used to represent eat a block of tofu a day
but now those tiny flagellates are saying "no way
i don't wanna die just because you're on a fitness high
you like swimming for your health? well so do i!
put that soy milk down, skip the soy cereal
the health you need to think about now is venereal"
okay, i guess i need to be fair
cause without your cooperation my family's going nowhere
instead of a tofu burger i'll eat jars of Gerber
a loads of fruit and veggies like i'm doing already
is there a pressing need for men to change their diet?
will the pool downstairs really get more quiet?
i guess a comforting word for those remaining in doubt
is either way you look at it the number's higher than you can count

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