Announcement: Embedded Videos and Newly EQ'd Songs

Frequent visitors of this blog may have noticed a few changes to the posts recently, and I'm here to let you know exactly what's changed and what it means.
First, the most obvious update is the addition of embedded video to each post. This was at the request of perhaps my most dedicated listener, so I was happy to grant his request. This should make it easier to find everything in one place rather than making people check my blog as well as my youtube account if they enjoy both the audio and video portions.

Second, numbers have been appended to many of the mp3 files. Some people have noted that my voice is sometimes difficult to hear over the music, so when I attempt to rebalance the track volumes for a given song, I record the version number of the newest mix in the Comments field of the ID3 tag and append that number (minus the periods) to the end of the file for easy reference.

Those interested in listening to the songs in higher quality will be pleased to know that as of today, I've re-EQ'd almost all of the songs that were released this year, uniformly applying a new vocal filter customized to my voice for improved volume and clarity. The only songs that don't have updates are the Kusanagi Video Mix (because I saved over it when I made the Blog Mix) and the Swine Flu song (because it already had the new vocal filter applied). I will most likely not update them further, so there's no need to wait for a newer version to appear.

As for the 2008 tracks, they will have to remain as they are, because I lost all of the project files in a hard drive failure last year (thanks to a Western Digital MyBrick).

If you're not sure if you have the most up-to-date mp3, here's a guide:

1) mp3's with no version number are assumed to be v1.0
2) 1.2.1 is newer than 1.2, which is newer than 1.1.1, which is newer than 1.1

If you're not sure just how much better the new versions sound, play the embedded audio back-to-back against the embedded videos (which use the original v1.0 songs). If you can't tell the difference, either don't worry about it or try listening with headphones.

Thanks for listening!

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