Charred Meat May Increase Risk of Pancreatic Cancer

A new study documenting the eating habits of more than 62,000 participants over 9 years has revealed a strong connection between eating charred meat and pancreatic cancer. Kristin Anderson, an associate professor at the University of Minnesota, which led the study, suggests various ways to prepare meat other than frying or grilling that may lower the risk of developing this highly deadly disease.

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Burned meat linked to pancreatic cancer

Charring Meat May Boost Risk of Pancreatic Cancer

These are the lyrics:

Do you like your barbecued meat well-done?
Well if you do your pancreas may well done for son
according to a University of Minnesota study
you might be better off eating red meat bloody

because charred black meat contains heterocyclic amines
it's got carcinogens is what that means
of over 62,000 healthy people documented
over nine years there was a high percentage
in people who often ate things like well-done steak
of gettin' pancreatic cancer depending on their intake

there's a few precautions you might wanna take
just in case like having your meat stewed or baked
or put it in the microwave before you grill
or just cut off the burnt part before you eat your fill

there's a lot fewer options once you get sick
cause pancreatic cancer will kill you quick
even if the study lacks a definitive answer
lowering your risk is the best cure for cancer

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