North Korea Launches Rocket Over Japan

On Sunday North Korea fired a rocket that sailed over Japan, apparently fizzling out and landing in the ocean. China and Russia maintain that there is no need for alarm as the launch was of a satellite, not a ballistic missile. However, the technology tested in the launch may have been for long-range ballistics purposes, and US President Barack Obama called for action to be taken against this breach of the 2006 UN Security Council Resolution.

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These are the lyrics:

if you don't know about the Six-Party conversation
let me take a minute to give you an education
basically it's like a game of 3 on 3
and the half court line's the in middle of Korea

on the South's side is the US and Japan
who both understand nuclear weapons first-hand
on the North's team is China and Russia
they're like the center and power forward brothers

back in '06 the UN blew the whistle
and decided any shot was cool except missiles
Pyongyang tends to forget what was said
and recently threw a missile right over Japan's head

and Japan called a timeout to avoid fighting
Obama came in and said "rules must be binding"
China and Russia said "you might be right
but that wasn't a missile, that was just a satellite"

NK needs to play safe just to stay in the game
cause for playing they get paid with food staples and aid
they just lucky to even be treated as equals
and not have America taking their free throws...

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