Kanye West Gets Humbled By South Park "Fish Sticks" Episode

A South Park episode aired yesterday has Kanye West reflecting on his ego as he posted to his blog today admitting "I need to just get past myself". While it may be undeniable that he has high self esteem, he points out that it helped him during times when no one believed in him. Using self esteem selectively might just be what Kanye needs to avoid a future South Park appearance.

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These are the lyrics:

there's a cartoon South Park it's ornery
and last night it laid the smack down on Kanye
funny thing is it actually made him twitch
and he'll prolly think about it next time he eats fishsticks

wrote about it in a blog post today
how's he's trying not to be a douchebag per se
pointed out the difference between rap and real life
and how people like Little Wayne are so nice

even though he wrote in cruise control for cool
and misspelled "used to" yo he ain't no fool
talking 'bout how he used his self esteem
when no one ever thought that he could reach his dream

yo that's the kinda thing to which I can relate
when not even my mom has said "your rhymes are great"
so even if you don't remind us you're the best
you know we still love you, Mr. West

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