Ashton Kutcher Wins Twitter Battle with CNN

Ashton Kutcher surpassed a million followers on microblog site Twitter this morning, achieving victory in his battle with CNN to be the first to surpass that milestone. Kutcher joined The Oprah Show today via Skype to talk about his race with CNN.

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These are the lyrics:

Ashton Kutcher Friday morning butchered CNN
in a competition to reach one million
followers on Twitter it's getting bigger every day
and Ashton said "We showed the world that this here is the new wave"
made a guest appearance today on the Oprah show
via Skype communication he's in the technological know
and then Oprah tried her best to join in the sensation sending a text
warning Kutcher of middle-age saying that "ASHTON IS NEXT"
that's probably not what she meant at all but it kinda makes sense
and in the end she got 130,000 followers "go girlfriend!"
Now all that remains is a case of ding-dong-dutch
to Mister Turner and to tell Larry King that "I told you such"
i guess the moral of the story is I'd get more views
writing about Ashton Kutcher rather than about news

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