Roughly 9 Percent of Young Gamers May Be 'Addicted'

According to a recent study by Harris Interactive, 8.5 percent of kids surveyed showed signs of being "addicted" to video games, playing them to a degree that adversely affected their closest relationships, their schoolwork, or their health.
I'm the kind of person who almost by reflex scoffs at people who purport that video games lead to violent behavior, etc., but I must admit that if nothing else, games can be addictive. Sometimes it takes a lot of self control to put them down, and I'm glad I was finally able to. I still play them of course, but only after my "work" is done.

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Almost 1 in 10 Young Video Game Users 'Addicted'

These are the lyrics:
if you're not familiar with the way this works
what I do is bring you news that you might have already heard
the only difference is i do it all in my own way
and it goes a little something like this, you could say i'm

bringing the news
"breaking" a story
i sing and i rap
if you don't like it: sorry.

as you can probably tell i like video games
I write about 'em once a week or so it seems
I never really talk about 'em as a problem
but they can be that if you play 'em too often

a nationwide survey by Harris Interactive
found many kids aren't very that 'cause of gaming habits
almost 9 percent are having trouble at school
with friends and family, some with health problems too

being addicted to games could be the cause or result
and don't think it doesn't happen to adults
because that was me back in January
when I played 'em all day every day exclusively

played a little bit less in February
when I made a new friend and had someone to see
did a little soul searchin' in March
realized it was due time to make a new start

now I make music I'm no game-a-holic
I changed games like my name was Greg Paulus
even if I got a low gamerscore
yo I feel ten times better than I did before

I gotta feeling why I needed 'em like sushi to rice
they made me feel nice like I won... when I failed at life
and maybe I still do but I ain't gon' quit
living my life by my own imagination

bringing the news
"breaking" a story
i sing and i rap
if you don't like it: sorry.

i'd like to thank everybody out there on twitter
'cause with your cooperation this is so much bigger

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