Anti-Chris Brown Song "My Flow So Tight" Causes Uproar

A new song entitled "My Flow So Tight" by DJ crew Jump Smokers, renamed from Smoke Jumpers due to a name conflict, calling for Chris Brown to "get his ass kicked" has gotten a sudden wave of attention as it received radio airplay last week.

The original news article can be found here:


These are the lyrics:

I'm about to tell 'bout a brand new song
that some might say is messed up and wrong
it was cut by a group of Chi-town DJs
who just like me reference the news these days

talking 'bout Chris Brown sayin' he should be beat down
and how his whole career pretty much ended now
and when the radio stations found out
they played it on the airwaves and people wil'ed out

the group was called the Smoke Jumpers until
a same-name group from Texas said "chill"
so Jump Smokers became their new name
I don't know what either means so it's all the same

their song is called "My Flow Is So Tight"
and it's getting more plays than that movie Twilight
it's got a phat beat that's mo bettah than this one
and it'll make 'ya sweat like a court decision

yeah JournalRhythm
bringin' you news fast

The mp3 can be downloaded here:

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