Daily Swine Flu Tally Makes Huge Deal Of Seasonal Illness

It's easy to think the apocalypse might be right around the corner when mass media gives you a daily count of people who've contracted a disease. This time they've picked a strain of flu virus that causes *gasp* the same symptoms as every other strain, including the possibility of death. So feel free to worry about something you've forgotten to worry about every year.

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Officials say US deaths expected from swine flu

These are the lyrics:

These days there's more articles about it in the news
than people who have actually contracted swine flu
and the more that you hear it the more you gon' fear it
i've had enough of that so the air i'm clearin'

more people gonna die driving in their cars
but that don't make news like new flus or SARS
let me break you down just a few statistics
amidst the paranoia you might have missed it

35,000 deaths occur every flu season
we weren't concerned last year, what's the reason?
SARS "epidemic" killed 774
out of the largest population in the world

i'm not saying that you shouldn't be worried
but worry on the news gets bigger in a hurry
surely a daily update on the state of
any malaise will have you thinking crazy things
in a hazy maze of amazingly vague information
doomsday's days away but strangely patient

Feel like got it from all those promotin' it:
It's been a few days and I'm already over it.

The mp3 can be downloaded here:

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