Lindsay Lohan's eHarmony Ad Flusters Rapper Newscaster

In attempting to cover Lindsay Lohan's eHarmony spoof video, I eventually get drawn in by her charm. I guess self-deprecation really IS sexy! (see this post for reference)

The original news article can be found here:


These are the lyrics:

to Samantha Ronson I send my condolences
Lindsay Lohan is looking for romance
is this for real? I think not. Here's why:
her promo was featured on the site "Funny Or Die"

and I admit: I had to laugh a little bit
that why she's not dead right now. i get it.
that's a pretty cool concept except
if i ever made a video there I'd be put to death

anyway let's get back on track
Lohan's eHarmony ad lists tons of fun facts
like how 9 out of every 10 celeb sites up
need her material to keep from going bankrupt

not only does she support the economy
she got more money in the bank than me!
doesn't even care if I'm a he or a she
I could change anytime if she liked my personality

I like passin' out in an Escalade
and I'll drive you when you're drunk like everyday
even if it's a PCH car chase
we can walk along the beach right after the court case

we can crash a party, a car, or your career
and then look around afterwards for your underwear
yo this rap started out as just a summary
but now it looks like some kinda desperate plea

I guess her video was a real success
and I know I called her "cracked out" last week, yes, but
I kinda take it back after seeing her ad
you know she's just crazy cool not crazy bad

The mp3 can be downloaded here:

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