GM and Segway Unveil Two-Wheeled Vehicle: PUMA

GM and Segway demonstrated today a new two-wheeled urban vehicle prototype called the PUMA that may change the way people commute around town. They also assert that they have the GPS technology to have the vehicles drive themselves. While I can see the promise of the latter idea, I have my doubts about the vehicle itself.

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These are the lyrics:

there's a new concept in the automotive business
it's 2 seated, 2 wheeled, and too ambitious
General Motors fearing their time is over
is desperate to meet their innovation quota

partnered with Segway trying to make headway
came up with something just a little more deadly
works like the other one except that you sit
and ride around praying that you don't get hit

relies on balance just to keep you off your face
like sitting in a two-legged chair to save space
and for that "benefit" they'll add cost into it
making it affordable to only an idiot

even if it is a solution to a problem
that don't mean it won't cause more on top of 'em
how you gettin' to work if there's ice or it snows
you gonna be cold when there's no doors to close

your groceries will have sit on your knees
and you're lucky if the wind just stays at a breeze
hope you don't need to make a real quick stop
cause like the idea itself: you gonn' flop

i know they're trying to be different and make a big deal
but there's already a better idea: more wheels
I'm not just trying to bite it. I'd also highlight an
already bright idea: GPS autopilot

so GM I say "Go for it!"
cause this manual drivin' I'm over it
i'd rather be napping not drunk drive crashin'
just ask Google Maps you can make it happen

The mp3 can be downloaded here:

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